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The most common form of tuning in contemporary Western music is the twelve-tone equal temperament (12-TET) system. This system takes a particular octave and divides it into 12 equal parts, which correspond to the 12 tones in the chromatic scale (A, , B, C, , and so on). This Demonstration focuses on the aural and numerical differences between semitones in 12-ET (12-tone equal temperament) and Pythagorean tuning. 12-ET is the system of musical tuning that is used almost universally today, dividing an octave up into twelve equal semitones. However, 12-TET is not one temperament because equal temperament is an open system. Any temperament can be classified as a 12-TET if it contains octaves equally divided into 12 semitones.

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12-tone equal-temperament [abbr. 12-ET / 12-edo / 12-EDO / 12-tET / 12-EQ / 12-ed2] 12edo on standard 5-line musical staff. The usual and familiar 12-tone equal-tempered scale, the standard scale tuning used on keyboard, fretted string, and woodwind and brass instruments.

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Many translated example sentences containing "twelve-tone equal temperament" – Dutch-English dictionary and search engine for Dutch translations. 31-tone equal temperament is the most flexible of these, which makes an unbroken circle of 31 fifths, allowing the choice of semitone to be made for any pitch.

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31-tone equal temperament is the most flexible of these, which makes an unbroken circle of 31 fifths, allowing the choice of semitone to be made for any pitch. Equal temperament Edit 12-tone equal temperament is a form of meantone tuning in which the diatonic and chromatic semitones are exactly the same, because its circle of fifths has no break. Although clearly formulated by Mersenne in 1635, equal temperament did not become generally established in practice until 1800 in Germany and later in England and France. Its historical importance is that the major and minor SCALE s being used became transposable for all twelve semitones; that is, the scale could begin on any semitone and still consist of the same frequency ratios in the scale. Words related to equal temperament noun the division of the scale based on an octave that is divided into twelve exactly equal semitones Want to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content.

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Illustration: Here we have a division into halves of the 12-tone equal-temperament. The whole tone is divided into  Jun 20, 2013 Today's music (especially atonal or 12-tone) requires a compromise temperament, and it's the same with a fretted instrument like the mandolin.
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Approx. reading time: 6 minutes September 27, 2013 MOST HARMONIC NUMBERS (MHN) CONCEPT, BETTER KNOWN AS THE “PYTHAGOREAN TEMPERAMENT” The list of frequencies in this document form the Pythagorean Temperament, and have also been shared online as “Most Harmonic Numbers” by Jamie Buturff: . MHN RELATIVE TO TWELVE-TONE EQUAL TEMPERAMENT: Under twelve tone equal temperament, C flat is the same as, or enharmonically equivalent to, B natural, and G flat is the same as F sharp. Double flats also exist, which look like and lower a note by two semitones, or a whole step. Sometimes you will encounter half or three-quarter flats.

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Traditional Indian systems of 22 śruti ; Indonesian gamelan music ; Thai, Burmese, and African music, and music using just intonation , meantone temperament or other alternative tunings may be considered microtonal. Scala Files and tuning. What they do. The ARIA Player uses Scala files (SCL) to achieve many scales and temperaments. Scala files are a commonly used standard for defining scales and temperaments, and a number of common and historical tunings are already included with your installation.